Terms and Conditions

Selling over the website: www.yugochic.com

In compliance with the Law on Consumer Protection (Official Gazette RS, No. 62/2014, 6/2016) all purchases made using the website www.yugochic.com shall be considered distance selling. 

Company Yugochic d.o.o. is also aware that 2Checkout does not support the sale of branded/licensed/copyrighted goods (such as: Disney, Universal Studios, Apple, Samsung, Marvel, etc) and agrees not sell any of these products on its website or through its account.

How to place order for the supply of goods

The process of ordering goods via the website www.yugochic.com commences with a selection of currency in the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the page. In case that a consumer has opted for EUR, payment shall be made via 2checkout payment system (coming soon) that allows use of payment cards, bank deposit or PayPal. In case that a purchaser has opted for RSD, payment shall be made via Post Express courier service or via bank deposit.

After selection of a currency, the next step in online shopping process is searching/browsing for an appropriate item that you wish to buy. By pressing the Add to cart icon commences the ordering process.

Under the section Shopping cart are listed all the items you have ordered. Should you change your mind in the meantime and decide to remove certain items from the Shopping Cart, you can do it with one simple click. If you are satisfied with the content after you have reviewed the items in your Shopping cart, continue with the next step in your online shopping by clicking Checkout. On the Checkout page you have to sign in to your account or enter all required Customer information, Shipping and Payment Method. After you have carefully reviewed your order by clicking Complete order you have completed your online shopping procedure.

Immediately after placing an order for the supply of goods, a purchaser shall receive an email with confirmation of the order and all additional information after the order is processed. 


EUR – Payment is made with payment cards via 2checkout payment system, bank deposit or PayPal. 

RSD – Payment is made at the time of delivery (cash on delivery) via Post Express courier service or bank deposit. In this case, shipping address is always the same as billing address.


The goods ordered shall be delivered on the territory of Serbia by PostExpress courier service. The shipping costs shall be charged separately and they depend on the weight and value of the parcel and not on the point of delivery. For more information on postal fees/charges, visit Post Express website. For more information on postal fees/charges for international shipping, visit Post Export website or our Delivery Policy

A purchaser shall receive an email including a postal number of the parcel. In the event that a postman doesn’t find a purchaser at the stated address, he will leave a ‘’Report on attempted delivery of a package’’ (‘Sorry You Were Out’ card) in the purchaser’s postbox. However, in case that a postman doesn’t leave the note saying he couldn’t deliver the package, a purchaser can go to a local post office to pick up the package himself/ herself within five (5) days on the basis of the parcel postal number received by email. After 5 days, the package shall be returned to the sender.

Deadline for delivery of the goods ordered online is 2-5 work days for Serbia.

In the event that ordered goods are to be delivered by Post Export outside the territory of Serbia, the shipping costs shall be borne by the purchaser. Depending on the destination delivery can last from 4-30+ days (for more information please see Delivery Policy). 

Claims/How to file a claim

The consumer undertakes to check and open the parcel (goods) upon its receipt and in the presence of a courier. In case that it opens the packaging and realizes that the delivered item is not as described or data provided on the invoice are not appropriate, the consumer shall react and no later than 24hours from the receipt of the parcel, send an email including his/her personal data (name, surname, address) to office@yugochic.com and describe the problem.

In the event that the purchased goods are not in compliance with the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection, the consumer shall be entitled to file a claim to: office@yugochic.com. Yugochic d.o.o. will email the claim form to the consumer and the procedure shall commence with completion of the claim form by the consumer and email submission to office@yugochic.com. By placing its signature on the claim form, the consumer confirms that all data used to fill out the form are true.

The supplier shall email the consumer its response regarding further actions to the filed claim as soon as possible and no later than 8 days from the day of receipt of the claim. 

The consumer shall send the claimed goods along with printed, completed and signed claim form, as a registered mail to the following address: Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10v/2, stan 118 ( Boulevard Mihajla Pupina 10v/2, Apt. 118), 11070 Belgrade, Serbia at own expense while the same expense shall be refunded by the company Yugochic d.o.o. to the consumer in case that the claim is accepted.

The company Yugochic d.o.o. shall send its confirmation of receipt of the claim form and the claimed goods by email to the email address provided in the claim form.

Deadline to respond to the claim shall be 15 days from the day when it was received with the claimed goods. 

The claimed goods shall be examined by the company Yugochic d.o.o. and it shall acknowledge whether the claim is approved i.e. the cause of non-compliance.

In the event that it is decided to approve the claim, the consumer shall be sent an email with information that the claim has been approved.

In case of approved claim i.e. confirmed non-compliance of goods, the buyer can:

- opt for repair of goods and in that case the buyer shall be sent repaired goods in the same manner as it’s initially ordered goods (later claimed goods) were delivered;

- opt for exchange of the claimed goods for another that is identical or similar and in that event it shall be delivered to the buyer after the buyer has submitted completed and signed documents for purchase return that have been attached to the email with notification of approved claim;

- opt for termination of the contract- in that event the buyer shall be reimbursed any payment made for the claimed goods after the buyer has submitted  completed and signed documents for purchase return that have been attached to the email with notification of approved claim;

In case that the company decided that the filed claim was ungrounded, the buyer shall be emailed an information that the claim related procedure had been completed but, however, the claim was rejected due to mentioned reasons and the claimed goods would be returned to the buyer via registered mail at his/her expense.

The company Yugochic d.o.o. shall be liable to respond to the buyer regarding the claim, no later than 8 days from the day when the claim was filed by email, while in case that the claim has been approved it shall be liable to act in accordance with the claim form submitted by the buyer within an appropriate period defined in the claim form and no longer than 15 days from the day when the claim was received with the claimed goods.

In case of acknowledged non-compliance of goods and idea that it originates from a cause that existed even before risk transfer to the consumer (flaws in the very material, errors in the manufacturing process ...), the company Yugochic d.o.o. shall remove non-compliance at its own expense in a manner required by the consumer and indicated in the claim form, in compliance with provisions of Article 52 of the Law on Consumer Protection.

Exchange and Return Policy

If you have tried the purchased item on and realized that the size doesn’t match, you can trade your item for a different size - all you have to do is send us an email to office@yugochic.com. It is necessary that you have an invoice with you at that moment and tell us precise information about the item and size that would fit you.

In addition, in the event that you received a purchased item and realized that you wanted to replace it for another item of the same or higher price, you would have to contact us and send email to office@yugochic.com together with your invoice number, code and size of the item you wish to replace the initially purchased item for.

Accordingly, you will be emailed instructions and provided information about the entire process of a trade for a different product or appropriate size.

Purchased item cannot be replaced if it was already worn; namely, it is mandatory to return purchased item in the same condition as it was received, not used or altered in any way and in original undamaged packaging.

You can file a claim to trade an item for a different size within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the item.  

The costs of exchange of goods and payment shall be borne by the purchaser except in cases when the purchaser receives a damaged/defective or wrong item.

Transitional and Final Provisions

Provisions of this Rulebook shall apply to all buyers who purchase merchandise over the Internet that is website: www.yugochic.com